Foot Treatments

Thai Foot Massage

10min $20 | 15min $25 | 30min $45 | 45min $65 | 60min $80

Tired feet in need of pampering? Sit back and feel the aches disappear with an in-depth therapeutic foot massage. Great for reviving tired, sore feet after a week in heels, or simply indulging in a deeply relaxing, soothing massage.

Wat Pho Traditional Thai Foot Reflexology

30min $45 | 45min $65 | 60min $80

A centuries-old healing therapy combining Thai massage techniques with traditional reflexology. Let go of tensions as your therapist works on acupressure points from the knees down along with a traditional Thai foot massage stick to stimulate organ reflex points, activating healing and balancing throughout the body. Improves blood and lymphatic circulation, natural detoxification and promotes deep relaxation.

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